Thousands of taxpayers who sold property in 2018/19 will receive letters from HMRC suggesting they may owe tax. If you get one, how should you respond? HMRC’s suspicions. HMRC is in the process of sending letters to thousands of taxpayers who sold residential property in 2018/19. According to reports, an HMRC representative said, “We are writing to […] Read More →
To Boost Economy, Bank Proposes Tax on Working from Home Experts at Deutsche Bank said in a new report, white collar employees enjoying the financial benefits of working from home should be taxed so that those who are not getting the similar benefits can be helped. The bank proposed 5% daily tax on employees who […] Read More →
On 6 April 2021 the IR35 rules are changing. If you provide services to clients in the private sector through an intermediary such as a personal service company, what steps can you take to check if you’ll be affected? When can IR35 apply? The key factor in deciding if IR35 applies to work you do […] Read More →
There’s been widespread fraud involving claims for government aid linked to local and national lockdowns. HMRC is now employing covert tactics to identify businesses not following the rules. What’s the full story? Phone calls. We’ve received information that HMRC is making calls to businesses which have claimed financial support and should not be operating during […] Read More →
Lockdown Rules: What Are the New Restrictions in the UK? The UK is hit by a second wave of global pandemic coronavirus. The country was yet to come out of the first wave and found itself entwined with the second one. The UK government is constantly introducing new measures to control the situation and at […] Read More →
Furlough Scheme Extended to March 2021 Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has extended the furlough scheme until the end of March. The Chancellor announced on November 5, 2020, that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) grants will continue to be made available across the United Kingdom under the highest levels of Covid-19 restrictions until […] Read More →