About Us

We work closely with your organisation to determine your requirements and understand the overall objectives and direction of your business.

Thompson Accountancy Services is an accountancy and taxation firm run by myself Paul Thompson, a professionally qualified and certified Chartered Accountant F.C.C.A and Association of Accounting Technician M.F.A.A.T. With my team of equally qualified Chartered Accountants, I have been working with many types of businesses, aiming to help them work efficiently. We are Essex based Accountancy firm with over 25 years of experience in accountancy, taxation, company formation and other allied services. All my team members are Certified Chartered Accountant F.C.C.A and Association of Accounting Technicians M.F.A.A.T.

I feel privileged to run a company that is taking away all the day to day worries of doing business by catering to all the complex taxation and other accountancy needs of various companies. Our customised services include tax returns, VAT returns, payroll services, advice on corporation tax, company formation, business accounts management, and more.

Perhaps, you might be having a bookkeeper, but need someone to finalize the paperwork, or possibly you just want to concentrate on running your business and need someone else to deal with the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise. We are here for everyone who needs our services.

We are committed to delivering quality services and providing solutions that exceed our customer expectations, resulting in strong and long-standing business relationships.