The UK Government has Expanded its Job Support Scheme (JSS)

In August 2020, the UK Government has declared that it is expanding its Job Support Scheme (‘JSS’) keeping the interest of the affected business in mind. Here you will find the details of the scheme.

As announced by the Government earlier, the original JSS scheme intended to protect the ‘viable jobs.’ Meaning, those jobs where there is sufficient work to keep the employee occupied for a minimum of 33% of their normal working hours.

Now, the Government has taken the scheme a step further, stating, the scheme will include ‘furloughed’ jobs within businesses that are ‘legally required to shut’ for a certain period during winter due to coronavirus restrictions. These businesses will now be entitled to larger JSS grants than those businesses that are not required to close due to COVID 19 lockdown.

When is the Opening Date of the Expanded Scheme and for How Long will it Run?

The expanded scheme will open on 1 November 2020 and will run for the next six months, until the end of April 2021. However, the Government has specified there it will be reviewed in January 2021.

Following in the line of other government scheme, employers will be able to make a payment claim under the scheme in arrears. They can apply for claims from December.

More details to come in due course.

For any query regarding the scheme, you can reach out to us without hesitation.

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